Ask the CGM! – Level 10 Bar Routine

I had a great question come in regarding the value of some level 10 bar combinations and thought I would share with you a little of our conversation.

I would like to thank this coach for their question and if you have a question I encourage you to contact me. I love to dig into this stuff!

Original Ask the CGM Email:

I have a question about the value of a combination for bars.

Mount high bar from spring board kip cast up and continue into a piked Jaeger. Kip cast out of the Jaeger to blind half to front giant to blind half to overshoot. Can you please tell me what skills Like A,B etc and also in connection value bonus.? I tried to figure it out but wasn’t exactly sure. Thanks


Hi,  let’s see if I can help…  There are some parts here that are a little confusing.  I will try to interpret the best I can.

First of all after the kip cast but before the jaeger, how does she change her grip.  A jaeger is entered from a front giant so the grip would need to switch.

This can be done with a simple switch grip I suppose or also a hop grip change which has value (C) and actually counts as a flight skill.

Let’s assume hop grip change as this is how I usually see this done.  Feel free to email me back with clarification and I can adjust for you.


Mount to high bar

Kip cast handstand with hop grip change (C)

Piked Jaeger (E)

Kip cast handstand (B)

Blind change (C)

Front Giant with 1/2 turn in HS (C) – I am assuming this is the blind change half you are talking about after the front giant?

Overshoot (C if not to HS on low bar, D if it is to HS on low bar)

So, as far as bonus goes.

There is .2 difficulty bonus for the piked Jaeger.  If the overshoot is to HS on low bar then there is .1 for difficulty for that D skill.  No difficulty bonus if the bail doesn’t hit handstand.

If it is a hop grip change into the Jaeger then this is C+E connection and would receive .1 connection bonus.

The front giant half to overshoot would be .1 connection bonus regardless of whether the overshoot is a C or a D.  There is turn/flight in each skill so it is either a C+C or a C+D, both are .1 connection bonus.

If the overshoot is a D overshoot then flight skills are up to level.  If it is a C overshoot then it would be a .1 deduction for flight skill up to level.  There are also up to level deductions for dismount.  You would need a D/E dismount (double lay, full in etc) or a D skill connected to a C dismount (giant full or circle full into a double back/pike) in order to not receive an up to level deduction.

Just one more thing to think about would be that in the new code there is an extra .1 bonus to be had, bringing to the total available points to 10.1 like vault has been the last few years.  You can receive this if you have an E skill (piked jaeger, check!) and have at least .6 in bonus.

At this point in the routine, this routine has a max bonus (given highest value for assumed skills) of .5

I hope this was helpful.  Please let me know if you have any follow up questions or clarifications.  Happy to follow up with you.

Follow up and additional question:

Thank you so much for your response!!!

Yes the hop grip change into the Jaeger is correct.    I didn’t include the dismount which is a tuck full out.   So I just want to clarify if she does the overshoot to handstand that is a D and can get a connection value there of .1?    So finally if with that dismount added and the overshoot is to handstand it could qualify for the extra .1 start value, 10.1?   If the handstand is not hit in the overshoot then would this still be a 10.0 start value for level 10?


If the overshoot is to handstand she would get .1 connection bonus and .1 difficulty bonus.  The full out dismount is an E skill so that would be .2 difficulty bonus.

With the overshoot to handstand this would qualify for the 10.1.

With the overshoot not to handstand it still qualifies for the 10.1 I think.

I also missed a connection between the blind change and the front giant half so let me recap this again.  Sorry, thinking through this as I go…

Mount to high bar

Kip cast handstand with hop grip change (C)

Piked Jaeger (E) – C+E – .1cv

Kip cast handstand (B)

Blind change (C)

Front Giant with 1/2 turn in HS (C) – C+C (both with turn) .1 cv

Overshoot (C or D depending on HS on low bar) – C+C/D (one turn one flight) .1 cv

Back to high bar+ some giants (Bs)

Full Out dismount (E)

Meets all level 10 special requirements, up to level and compositional requirements.

.4 or .5 Difficulty bonus (.2 for each E element + .1 if overshoot to handstand and gets the D)

.3 connection bonus (regardless of whether overshoot hits handstand)

So, this is a great routine with .7 or .8 bonus (doesn’t really matter either way) and gets the 10.1 either way.


Ask for Clarification:

I just wanted to clarify the full out dismount is in the tucked position does it need to be a lay out for the E skill?  I thought it was a D skill.


Yes, assuming we are talking about the same skill 🙂

A double tuck dismount with a full twist in either the first or second salto is an E.

Attached a screen shot of the code for you.

JO Optional Code of Points - Skill Value - Full In/Out dismount

Final Response:

Wow I didn’t know that.  Yes a double tuck with a full twist in the second tuck.  Thanks so much this was very helpful!!!!

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